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Dreamlabs is a fast-growing tech startup from Bucharest focused on software development, infrastructure solutions and end-to-end service-driven implementations. Our unique approach embraces automation and a high coding standard in order to provide full-stack services for international customers on web and mobile with higher reliability and cost control.

We use state-of-the-art tooling and focus on technical quality - all of our products feature dedicated architectural support, automated testing, continuous integration and delivery, as well as highly-scalable infrastructure support.

At our core, we're firm believers in agility and long-lasting collaborations, which is why we work in a SCRUM environment and focus on customer happiness and transparency.

With a highly-skilled technical team, we take decisions together and compliment each other's growth, enabling new joiners to quickly discover interesting technical avenues and enhance their existing skills.


We're currently looking to expand our team in Bucharest with a number of PHP developers of various skill levels for a globally-distributed team.

The ideal candidate will have experience with either Laravel 5 or Symfony 3 within the PHP ecosystem and Angular 2+ or React within the JavaScript ecosystem, as well as a desire to work on building high-quality software systems.

Having a positive attitude is very important, as well as the ability to approach problems on your own and understand how to improve performance and add overall system optimisations.

Given that the team works in a distributed environment in close cooperation with our international partners, a good standard of speaking and writing in English is mandatory.


Develop and maintain new modules, features and endpoints in order to compliment the customer's business requests.

Implement and maintain new REST endpoints using our in-house framework in order to quickly prototype on ideas and assess market response.

Debug performance on a variety of systems, and ensure smooth integration into third-party systems.

Implement automated technical tests in order to ensure the correct behaviour of the system and eliminate recurring bugs.

Maintain applications throughout their lifecycle and treat bugs.

Work with a continuous integration engine in order to ensure that new solutions can easily be set up, tested and analysed, finally being deployed into the cloud.

Work closely with the technical leader in order to develop and maintain the features of the software system.

Core Skills Required

PHP (2-6 years experience) - you will be comfortable with the following:

Object-Oriented Programming;

Working with an ORM, either through the Data Mapper or Active Record patterns;

Developing endpoints to be consumed by third party applications;

Separating application layers in order to build maintainable applications;

JavaScript (2-4 years experience) - you will be comfortable with:

Handling DOM manipulation;

Responding to various events and user interaction;

Perform XHR requests into third party systems;

Structuring implementations in order to segregate concerns;

Linux - you will be comfortable working within a Linux environment and can perform basic operations;

Version Control - you will be comfortable working with Git and GitHub and can reliably create new feature branches and integrate your solutions into a codebase.

Composer - you will be comfortable with concepts such as Semantic Versioning and will be able to install new dependencies into the system.

What we consider a plus

  • Experience with automated testing;
  • Experience with writing clean, maintainable code;
  • Experience with queues or asynchronous process in general;
  • Experience with JS frameworks such as Angular, or equivalent;
  • Experience setting up servers and Linux environments for production;
  • Experience using cloud systems, particularly orchestration of cloud services;
  • Advanced knowledge of Symfony or Laravel;
  • A positive attitude as well as a deep passion for computing science;


  • Highly-skilled technical colleagues;
  • Chance to work with advanced architectural patterns and to develop technical skills;
  • Cutting-edge technologies and libraries;
  • Flexible working schedule;
  • High-spec hardware (15" MacBook);
  • Dedicated training and mentoring sessions;
  • Company initiatives for development and growth;
  • Medical insurance;


We hope that you’re interested in joining our team and working on the next great technical solutions. If you want to get in touch regarding this position, please contact us and make sure to attach your CV or other relevant materials.

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