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Our team is looking for a Network System Administrator for it's client, located in Baia Mare, a Belgian based company active in the textile and garment manufacturing for the German market.


  • Bachelor’s Degree;
  • Relevant experience in Computer System Administration;
  • Experience in installing, configuring, and supporting an organisation's local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and Internet system or a segment of a network system;
  • Solid focus on quality and customer service;
  • Ability to multitask and prioritise work;
  • Strong analytical and practical analytical skills;


  • Diagnose hardware and software problems, and replace defective components;
  • Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations;
  • Maintain and administer computer networks and related computed environments, including computer hardware, system software, applications software, and all configurations;
  • Plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures in order to protect data, software, and hardware;
  • Operate mater consoles in order to monitor the performance of computer systems and networks, and to coordinate computer network, access, and use;
  • Perform routine network start-up and shout-down procedures, and maintain control records;
  • Design, configure, and test computer hardware, networking software and operating system software;
  • Recommend changes to improve systems and network configurations, and determine hardware and software requirements related to such changes;
  • Confer with network users about how to solve existing system problems;
  • Monitor network performance in order to determine whether adjustments need to be made, and to determine where changes will need to be made in the future;
  • Train people in computer system use;
  • Install software and printers;
  • Gather data pertaining to user need, and use the information to identify, predict, interpret, and evaluate system and network requirements;
  • Analyse equipment performance records in order to determine the need for repair or replacement;
  • Maintain logs related to network functions, as well as maintenance and repair records;
  • Research new technology, and implement it or recommend its implementation;
  • Maintain an inventory of parts for emergency repairs;
  • Coordinate with vendors and with company personnel in order to facilitate purchases;
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