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The company

Adore Me is the lingerie underdog, disrupting a huge traditional industry. We started the journey just 5 years ago and we’re one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

The tech factor is strong in our DNA. We have more engineers than marketers, fashion designers or business folks and we’re proud of it.

The tech

The end goal is to craft the perfect bra and ship it to millions of women. So we’re talking about scalable ecommerce, coordinating our factories & robots in the distribution center, internal tools that catalyze everything.

We’re one of those scaling technology startups. Think many small teams, devops, millions of users, hundreds of git repos, crazy experimenting.

It’s not all perfect. We’re always evolving and change is everywhere. So we’re either moving from Magento to microservices, moving from Docker Swarm to Kubernetes and there’s always some technical debt to hunt & kill. We manage a lot of uncertainty and always try to learn from our mistakes. We’re getting there.

The job

  • You will work in a self-organised full-stack scrum team. Alongside frontend people (angular/vue apps), test engineers, product & UX people, scrum masters and AI/data folks.
  • As a backend you’ll be playing all day long with libraries, microservices, API gateways. Building features or tools. We’re all a bit multidisciplinary so you should not be afraid to debug a crashing container, investigate some data weirdness or fix a failing test.
  • More concretely, backend can mean product recommendations, integrate apple pay or move orders & shipments out of magento to a lightweight microservice.


  • php, laravel, composer, microservices, rest, git, docker, kubernetes, rabbitmq, redis, memcache, mysql, jenkins, linux, opensource
  • agile, scrum, kanban, continuous improvement, pair programming, unit testing, continuous integration.


  • You’re super experienced with PHP & Very comfortable with at least a couple of frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, ZF, etc). Know your web stuff so a little javascript doesn’t scare you and you can survive on a Linux box.
  • You’re passionate about technical excellence . You know, RESTful APIs, standard coding style, code reviews, unit tests, documentation, refactoring, good naming. You have opinions about traits and interfaces and SOLID and design patterns.
  • You’re a builder and you want to impact the world around you. So you need to get stuff Problem solve. Move fast.
  • You’re optimistic, have a high self worth, you speak your mind and have strong empathy for your peers. More of a team player than a lone wolf.

The perks

Competitive pay. Private health services. Trips to our Manhattan office. Crazy continuous learning. Playful mood. Punching bag. Ping pong. Specialty coffee. Did we mention continuous learning? Hipster mansion near Cismigiu. Lots of couches. Whiteboards everywhere. We write on the walls ’re hosting meetups and we’re going to conferences. Friday lunch-party, catered breakfast, craft beer-stocked fridges. Lounge chairs in the garden. Experienced engineers doing no-bullshit work. Macbooks and fancy dev tools.

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