QUESTIA GROUP is a tech and data start-​up in the business of online public opinion with a strong international presence. Using a mix of technology, innovative approach and cutting edge research methodologies, we provide a unique way of capturing actionable insights by talking to the target audiences constantly and in real time.

With our fresh and agile approach, we are able to take the pulse as events unfold and come up with the insights. Success is rooted in the ability of clear thinking and acting quickly. And we deliver this opportunity with high efficiency. And with enthusiasm. This is our everyday fuel. Enjoying what we do is our way of guaranteeing we never run out of gusto.

We are currently looking for a passionate and experienced Digital Product & Content Specialist to be a part of our Bucharest team.

The role will lead all Questia Group’s digital presence & digital products improvement efforts.


  • Working in close connection with both content and tech teams, you will make sure that the digital products are monitored closely, according to the agreed calendars, and campigns & content are managed across digital platforms, bringing in valuable input for the improvement of current processes.
  • Digital Content Coordination
  • Shapes and implements the digital communication strategy across Questia Group’s channels (website, social media etc.) and audiences (B2C & B2B)
  • Generates and manages content via digital channels
  • Leads online communities and brand representation on all platforms
  • Plans and executes digital marketing campaigns (PPC, Facebook etc.)
  • Combines data analysis, AB testing, client feedback to create optimization strategies
  • Coordinates content contributors
  • Coordinates design providers
  • Keeps up with industry updates
  • Digital Products Coordination
  • Plays a key role in the development of the company’s digital products
  • Leads the requirements definition & implementation, manages timeline for respective products development, focusing on the set objectives and scope
  • Provides improvement recommendations


We are looking for an open and passionate professional, able to bring into the team a diverse skillset, positive attitude and a healthy sense of humor.

- Mid-​/​senior level (+5 years)

- BA or MS in Marketing/​Communication or similar

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

- Product development expertise (digital, software and/​or offline)

- Project management knowledge

- Digital communication & users engagement proven expertise (web content, social media, email marketing etc.)

- Passionate about writing with good copy and editing skills

- Proficiency in Microsoft Office package

- Digital marketing know-​how (PPC, Facebook etc.)

- Motivated, energetic, able to solve problems and adapt quickly, hands-​on approach

- Solid understanding of the current digital communication landscape, passionate about new technology and daring ideas

- Full professional proficiency in Romanian and English

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